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Connect with your bank and get a Personal finance manager and protect yourself against sudden expenses with a Salary advance.

Personal finance manager

Always make it to the next paycheck.

Know how much you can spend while still covering all your bills with Grace's personal finance manager.

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Avoid surprises.

Avoid surprises with real time insights, spedning warnings and bill reminders from Grace.

Everything in one place.

Connect your banks and cards to get a full overview in one place.

Salary advance

Sudden liquidity issues?

If you qualify, our Salary advance can be used when facing liquidity issues like an unexpected expense. Automatically deducted when your next paycheck arrives.

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Don't take our word for it.

When my dog got acutley ill Grace helped me to cover the deductible so I could focus on my dog.
- Sarah, 37
Grace saved me when I unexpectedly had to pay for dental care.
- Oscar, 26
Since I started using Grace, I am on average saving €120 a month with better money management.
- Dominick, 46
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