Drastically improve your everyday finances.

Founding story.

Grace is the result of three friends being fed up with the everyday banking experience, often with banking apps that not telling you how much money you can live on for the rest of the month.

Banks are great at helping out with mortgages, or placing savings if you have some, but they don't really help you with your everyday finances or when you face sudden and unexpected financial difficulties. It isn't surprising to read that 150 million europeans can't face an unexpected expense like replacing a broken washing machine.

Grace was therefore created to make sure people, the 99 %, with the right but simple tools, can drastically improve their everyday finances.


Grace has declared a manifesto to provide you with tools and services so you can:

1 always make it to the next paycheck,

2 reduce your costs,

3 get help and advice when in need,

4 never miss a payment,

5 have a safety net for emergencies, and

6 spend responsibly and rewardingly.

The approach.

Starting in 2021, Grace offers a personal finance manager, because you need to get the basics right first, and a no interest/non-profit Salary Advance, because we believe having to turn to high cost short-term (HCST) credit providers when facing sudden liquidity difficulties fundamentally is wrong.

Something on your mind?

Contact us through the chat widget in the bottom right corner and we'll make sure you get to the right team-member. You can also drop us an email at hello@getgrace.co.