Advance salary.

If you qualify, our Advance Salary can be used when facing liquidity issues. Automatically deducted when your next pay check arrives. Interest-free.

Real-time payouts.

Facing a sudden liquidity issue? Use whenever you are in need no matter the challenge you are facing.

Income control.

You can see it as, by using the Advance Salary, that you can flex a part of your income whenever you need.


0% effective interest rate if you have signed up for Premium. Interest-free, no withdrawal fee.

Repaid before you wake up.

We deduct your repayment usually within the hour after your salary arrives. No invoices to handle. No setup of direct debits.
 You are probably asleep.


We do not profit from you using a Salary advance. The small fee we charge from non-Premium users only covers some of our actual costs.

It's the opposite.

Since we don't profit from interest rates and fees, we will never push you for Salary advance usage.

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